South Bay Barista Mock Competition February 11th, 2012

It's about that time again, when baristas polish up their skills (and barware) to compete in the South Western Regional Barista Competition. What better way to get ready for the real deal than to host a mock competition in our neck of the woods to get the jitters out and some more practice time in?

Come join us at our downtown location as we get our local barista community together to put on a practice run of each competitor's presentation. Cheer on your local baristas, volunteer to be a judge, or just hang out with friends, enjoy some music and sip on some free coffee that we'll be serving up all night from the V60 bar. Yep, this one's on us - it's going to be a fun night. See you there!
It is a mock barista competition that we are hosting for the baristas that are interested in competing in the "real" competition that is coming up in early March. Our first competitor will begin shortly after 6pm and the event will continue until about 10 or 11-ish, depending on the number of competitors.  
The idea is that we provide a competition-style environment so that we, as a South Bay community can give the competitors constructive criticism and feedback so we can all improve eour game....a very early dress rehearsal, if you will. 
We are collaborating with baristas from various other cafes in the area (Red Berry, Roys Station, the Barefoots, Top Nosh, Bittersweet....) to get this going and should be a very positive coffee community-building event. 

The event this year will be open to the public. Everyone is invited to hang out with us crazy coffee folks and with some luck, learn something about good coffee; the amount of care and caliber of skill that goes into making each yummy cup.
-The Bellano Crew