Meet the Marketeers!

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the people responsible for your guest experience at the Market.  They are easy to spot in their bright yellow, button-down shirts, and constant attention to detail at the Market.  If there is something you need, be sure and flag them down when you see them.   




JOE HORRIGAN | General Manager


Joe grew up in Davis, California.  He began working at a young age alongside his father, a commercial refrigeration leasing representative.  After graduating high school, he was employed in semiconductor field.  Shortly thereafter, he returned to college where he earned two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree in Marketing from CSU Sacramento. While attending college, he became interested in the hospitality industry.  While working, he started a tequila-tasting club and is an aficionado to this day.  He gained hospitality experience in the Downtown San Jose area for many years, and left the Fairmont San Jose to accept the position of General Manager at the San Pedro Square Market.  Please feel free to talk with Joe about your experience at the Market. 




SANDY TORRES | Events & Market Operations Manager

Sandy Torres grew up locally in the peninsula and comes from a large family of eight.  A true passion for food lead her to the food and beverage industry.  She has worked in various chain restaurants, bars, and the San Jose Fairmont hotel.  Sandy started as a server and quickly worked her way up to management.  While her passion for food and beverage drivers her, she truly enjoys interacting with customers and enhancing their experience.  Sandy leads our team in Market operations, events, and booking of our weekly live music performances.  Outside of work, her hobbies include cooking, reading, and working out. 






Francisco grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He attended school locally before his employment at a classic San Jose diner. Moving around California, he moved up the ladder in the restaurant industry.  He then moved down to Palm Springs to work in one of the nation’s largest restaurant chains. He hopped around spending time in Palo Alto, Palm Desert, and even Mexico, before settling down in San Jose with his wife and children. On his days off, he enjoys catching up on his favorite TV shows and spending time with his family. He has been with The Market longer than any of our managers and definitely knows the ins and outs.  In addition to managing the floor of the Market, we rely on him as a “Mister Fix- it”.  Please let Francisco know if you need anything to make your experience better.