Dishcrawl heads back to San Pedro Square for Round Three

The team at Dishcrawl has absolutely taken the foodie scene to another level in San Jose. Founder Tracy Lee will be heading the third visit to San Pedro Square. This time Dishcrawl will kick off their event at the beautiful Axis Condo tower, where you can find the delicious Empanadas from The Mmoon.  After Axis, crawlers will be visiting Peggy Sue’s, a family friendly 50’s style dinner, in San Pedro Square. Also, part of the crawl will be the amazing Food Truck MoBowl.

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Tracy is no stranger to San Pedro Square, the first Dishcrawl she held in Downtown San Jose brought over 85 people to The Mmoon Empanadas, a visit that owner Mike Mendez said “Was an amazing way to meet new patrons on a personal level”. Tracy’s second visit brought clients to La Piñata, Satori Tea, and a cameo by another popular food truck Tikka Bytes.

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Dishcrawl is more that just a foodie event. It’s a community builder. It takes the foodie culture and infuses it with an easy way for local businesses to meet their clientele. Many times the patrons who come on the crawls would not get to meet the owners of a neighborhood restaurant. If you have not heard of Dishcrawl yet, chances are there is already one set up in your neighborhood. We will see everybody down in San Pedro Square next Sunday May 29th, 2011.

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Bandwagon Fans and Round Two: Guest Post by Aaron Sholl

Today we have a very special blog post. Aaros Sholl will be our guest blogger during the San Jose Sharks run to the cup. GO SHARKS!

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This is the time of year when people in the Bay Area that aren’t particularly Sharks fans start paying attention to the Sharks.  They usually don’t know too much about hockey in general but know that the Sharks seem to always get to the playoffs every year and “don’t win it”. This usually pisses off all of the “real” Sharks fans and season ticket holders because they are the ones who sit through the good and the bad all season long (remember early January?). We always see reports when teams start doing well and winning. Well I am here to tell you who cares?

That’s right, I love bandwagon fans. I hope they come to every game and keep asking questions about anything and everything hockey and Sharks related. I want to see them flying their Sharks flags on their car doors around town. I absolutely love running into people that ask me questions about the game or tell me “I caught the last 10 minutes of the third period last night – what a game!” It’s great when they recognize players and let everyone know that they saw them at Santana Row or out at the bars. They are real people and are not stuck up like most other professional athletes. The Sharks organization and GM Doug Wilson does a great job getting great character guys on the team and not ones that are above the team.

Okay, time to step off the soap box and talk about round two against the Red Wings.

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Are you kidding me, 2-0 going into Detroit…..again?!?!? This is the exact same scenario the Sharks were in last season when they went on to beat the Wings in 5 games. If Game 3 goes into overtime and the Sharks win, there may be a glitch in the Matrix. So what should we expect going into the next two games in Detroit?

Detroit is going to come out very hard in game 3. They know they need to win no matter what the cost to get back into the series since any team down 3-0 in a series is usually doomed – only 3 have ever done it in hockey (1942 Leafs over the Wings in the finals, 1975 Islanders over the Penguins in round 2, and the 2010 Flyers over the Boston Bruins in the second round).

Also, look for the Wings respond to the snow showers that everyone has been talking about this past week. The Red Wings are frustrated because the Sharks are finally playing dirty and getting under their skin. Known in the recent years for not having an enforcer on their team, the Wings will sit and wait for the referees to call something and take advantage on the powerplay. Pavelski will undoubtedly be booed inside Joe Louis as he was the one who got under Howard’s skin with the snow shower in game 1. The Detroit defenseman will punish anyone who comes close to Howard in order to send a message.

Game three is a must watch for all of you Sharks fans, bandwagon or not. This will definitely be a series changer as no one wants to go down 3-0 and will be a very hard fought game. I have a feeling the referees will be slightly stricter and call a lot more penalties on the Sharks in the next two games in order to “help” even up the series. No one wants to watch a sweep, it is too boring….except for the fans of the team doing the sweeping. This game should be intense from the first minute through the final one and don’t be surprised if any of the next two go into overtime. I would be happy if the Sharks can pull of one win in the next two games in Detroit so they would come home with a 3-1 lead. The Sharks have never swept anyone and I can’t imagine them sweeping the Wings this year, especially since the Wings swept the Coyotes in the first round!

So in short, look for the Wings to storm back and possibly win game three and then the Sharks taking game four for a 3-1 series lead with game 5 at home to wrap up.


Fun Fact: Niclas Wallin has 4 career playoff goals and they all happen to be game winning goals.

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