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Crewners Barbershop Opens in the San Pedro Square Market

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Today is a great day at the San Pedro Square Market. Our newest vendor, Dan Dixon of Crewners Barbershop, has opened for business. Crewners is an upscale barbershop, providing fashionable and stylish haircuts and the highest quality full barbershop services. Vintage decor blended with modern equipment creates an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and invites customers to relax, refresh and reminisce.

Dan found his barber chair in Las Vegas, Nevada and took it to be refurbished by the boys at American Restoration. Dan is just another example of the entrepreneurial spirit that in Silicon Valley. Dan is an asset to the project and an amazing person. We are so happy to welcome Crewners Barber shop to the San Pedro Square Market family.

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Before the restoration


san pedro square market, san jose restaurant, san jose events

The Finished Product 

Location & Hours

San Pedro Square Market | 87 North San Pedro Street #107 | San Jose, California 95110 | Phone: 408.663.1813 |


Sunday              Closed
Monday              Closed
Tuesday             10am - 6pm
Wednesday         10am - 5pm
Thursday            10am - 6pm
Friday                 10am - 8pm 
Saturday             8am - 5pm


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Downtown San Jose Events -August

August is going to be a huge month for Downtown San Jose events.

San Jose Renaissance Fair

downtown san jose events, san jose renaissanace fair The fun begin this weekend as the popular, San Jose Renaissance Fair comes to Guadalupe Park in Downtown San Jose. This full scale, interactive experience is a great way for friends and families to visit the days of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. Close to 800 costumed performers bring Shakespeare’s England back to life with parades, pageants, and fun townsfolk, offering continuous entertainment throughout the the park. Come down and enjoy musicians, jugglers, and actors drawing you ever deeper into the Renaissance.


Starlight Cinemas:

The always popular Starlight Cinemas will be here August 10th and 24th.

Pre-movie entertainment:  Enjoy a night of mass "Musical Chairs" to classic songs from this soundtrack:  Schools Out – Alice Cooper; Slow Ride – Foghat; Rock and Roll All Night – Kiss; Low Rider – War; Paranoid – Black Sabbath.  And then finish the lyric - we'll play a portion of a song and you have to finish the next line.

Pre-movie entertainment:   Enjoy a live swing band before the movie.  Show us how “money” you are - prizes for best swing outfits and dancing will make it worth sweating in the streets!


Jazz Fest

August 12-14 The San Jose Jazz Festival comes to town.                                   The Tabard Theatre and SJJF 2011, old wagon saloon, tabard theatre, downtown san jose eventsThe Old Wagon Saloon will both have stages so make sure to bring a date to the swing dance lessons inside the Tabard Theatre and rock out on Old Wagon's massive patio. San Pedro Square is going to be rocking out all weekend long.


HP Pavilion

Finally the HP Pavilion has an amazing lineup for August. Things kick off next Monday when Monday Night Raw comes to town. Then, Katie Perry and Michael Buble will bring sell out crowds to San Pedro Square as they play on the 12th and 13th.


August will be a busy month for Downtown San Jose. Be sure to check in at our great restaurants on your way to one of the many upcoming events.

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The San Pedro Square Market Sign & Nine.Ten.Eleven

The San Pedro Square Market Sign

After a much anticipated few months, the San Pedro Square Market sign finally arrived this week. The sign took close to a year to design, fabricate, and install. Needless to say we are pleased with the way it came out.

describe the image

Built by Pacific Neon Company, the sign spans 140 feet and boasts six foot tall letters and is now among San Jose's largest signs. Thank you all for the overwhelming responses on Facebook and Twitter. We have been working so hard to get the project open, its nice to see that we are nearing the finish line. Those of you who are wondering why there is a huge space in between "Pedro" and "Market", this is not a design flaw, there will be a clock installed there. The clock was bigger than the other pieces and had to be shipped on its own. Once here, the sign will be complete and we will let everyone know when the official lighting of the sign will be!

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The Nine.Ten.Eleven Event

Are you ready for your first taste of San Pedro Square Market? Well in less than sixty-days you will have your chance. Hosted by new tenant Joelle Cruz, the aptly named Nine.Ten.Eleven event will be a great day filled with classic cars, fashion shows, live music and much more.

Joelle Cruz owner of Brim, is also launching his brand new magazine Made in San Jose which highlights all things local from fashion to events. We will keep you updated as the September 10th gets coser but one thing is for sure, San Pedro Square Market is getting closer and closer to becoming Downtown San Jose's newest venue for all things local.

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San Pedro Squre Market- Tenant Update

As we mentioned in our last blog post we are beginning to highlight our market tenants. This weeks blog post will be on Crewners Barber Shop. Crewners  will be an old-school barbershop with all of the current amenities. The barber shop is the brainchild of Dan Dixon. Dan is a skilled technician who's also blessed with the gift of gab. Here is a little about Crewners:





Crewners will be an upscale barbershop, providing fashionable and stylish haircuts and the highest quality full barbershop services. Vintage decor blended with modern equipment will create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and invites customers to relax, refresh and reminisce. The chair you see below was found on craiglsist. Once Dan saw the chair, he knew it had to be restored so it could become the centerpiece of his store.

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The Chair before

san pedro square market, crewners barbor shop, new tenants in the san pedro square marketThe Chair after its rehab

Crewners is sure to be one of the most memorable tenants in the project. We will keep you informed on all of their progress.Here are a few shots of the construction so far...



crewners in the san pedro square market



describe the image



Just a reminder space is filling up fast. Find out how to become a tenant right here:


Next Blog Post:

Nine.Ten.Eleven event...



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Dishcrawl heads back to San Pedro Square for Round Three

The team at Dishcrawl has absolutely taken the foodie scene to another level in San Jose. Founder Tracy Lee will be heading the third visit to San Pedro Square. This time Dishcrawl will kick off their event at the beautiful Axis Condo tower, where you can find the delicious Empanadas from The Mmoon.  After Axis, crawlers will be visiting Peggy Sue’s, a family friendly 50’s style dinner, in San Pedro Square. Also, part of the crawl will be the amazing Food Truck MoBowl.

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Tracy is no stranger to San Pedro Square, the first Dishcrawl she held in Downtown San Jose brought over 85 people to The Mmoon Empanadas, a visit that owner Mike Mendez said “Was an amazing way to meet new patrons on a personal level”. Tracy’s second visit brought clients to La Piñata, Satori Tea, and a cameo by another popular food truck Tikka Bytes.

satori tea, tea shops, 	san jose events, restaurants in san jose, 	hp pavilion san jose ca  in san jose, tea house bay area 


Dishcrawl is more that just a foodie event. It’s a community builder. It takes the foodie culture and infuses it with an easy way for local businesses to meet their clientele. Many times the patrons who come on the crawls would not get to meet the owners of a neighborhood restaurant. If you have not heard of Dishcrawl yet, chances are there is already one set up in your neighborhood. We will see everybody down in San Pedro Square next Sunday May 29th, 2011.

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Bandwagon Fans and Round Two: Guest Post by Aaron Sholl

Today we have a very special blog post. Aaros Sholl will be our guest blogger during the San Jose Sharks run to the cup. GO SHARKS!

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This is the time of year when people in the Bay Area that aren’t particularly Sharks fans start paying attention to the Sharks.  They usually don’t know too much about hockey in general but know that the Sharks seem to always get to the playoffs every year and “don’t win it”. This usually pisses off all of the “real” Sharks fans and season ticket holders because they are the ones who sit through the good and the bad all season long (remember early January?). We always see reports when teams start doing well and winning. Well I am here to tell you who cares?

That’s right, I love bandwagon fans. I hope they come to every game and keep asking questions about anything and everything hockey and Sharks related. I want to see them flying their Sharks flags on their car doors around town. I absolutely love running into people that ask me questions about the game or tell me “I caught the last 10 minutes of the third period last night – what a game!” It’s great when they recognize players and let everyone know that they saw them at Santana Row or out at the bars. They are real people and are not stuck up like most other professional athletes. The Sharks organization and GM Doug Wilson does a great job getting great character guys on the team and not ones that are above the team.

Okay, time to step off the soap box and talk about round two against the Red Wings.

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Are you kidding me, 2-0 going into Detroit…..again?!?!? This is the exact same scenario the Sharks were in last season when they went on to beat the Wings in 5 games. If Game 3 goes into overtime and the Sharks win, there may be a glitch in the Matrix. So what should we expect going into the next two games in Detroit?

Detroit is going to come out very hard in game 3. They know they need to win no matter what the cost to get back into the series since any team down 3-0 in a series is usually doomed – only 3 have ever done it in hockey (1942 Leafs over the Wings in the finals, 1975 Islanders over the Penguins in round 2, and the 2010 Flyers over the Boston Bruins in the second round).

Also, look for the Wings respond to the snow showers that everyone has been talking about this past week. The Red Wings are frustrated because the Sharks are finally playing dirty and getting under their skin. Known in the recent years for not having an enforcer on their team, the Wings will sit and wait for the referees to call something and take advantage on the powerplay. Pavelski will undoubtedly be booed inside Joe Louis as he was the one who got under Howard’s skin with the snow shower in game 1. The Detroit defenseman will punish anyone who comes close to Howard in order to send a message.

Game three is a must watch for all of you Sharks fans, bandwagon or not. This will definitely be a series changer as no one wants to go down 3-0 and will be a very hard fought game. I have a feeling the referees will be slightly stricter and call a lot more penalties on the Sharks in the next two games in order to “help” even up the series. No one wants to watch a sweep, it is too boring….except for the fans of the team doing the sweeping. This game should be intense from the first minute through the final one and don’t be surprised if any of the next two go into overtime. I would be happy if the Sharks can pull of one win in the next two games in Detroit so they would come home with a 3-1 lead. The Sharks have never swept anyone and I can’t imagine them sweeping the Wings this year, especially since the Wings swept the Coyotes in the first round!

So in short, look for the Wings to storm back and possibly win game three and then the Sharks taking game four for a 3-1 series lead with game 5 at home to wrap up.


Fun Fact: Niclas Wallin has 4 career playoff goals and they all happen to be game winning goals.

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SJEats is back…. And with added seating…

Back because of massive popular demand, SJEatsis coming back for their second festival on May 7th, 2011. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience at the first SJEats event on April 2. We read your tweets and your Facebook posts and we have responded with more space for the trucks, better line management, more trucks and even a sneak peek of the new San Pedro Square Market.


Video lisayamani's Channel

We know the event area was far too small on April 2, so we have upgraded our footprint from 12,000 square feet to more than 50,000 square feet. We will be closing West St. John Street between North San Pedro Street and North Almaden Avenue, and will have the food trucks neatly lined up on West St. John.  In order to help with line management, we have enrolled an army of volunteers to help guests understand where the various lines end----and we will be opening the beautiful Peralta Adobe Plaza for added seating and dining. 

food vendors   San francisco food trucks   food trucks San Jose

Photograph by Andre Rubang

The event will take place from 11:30AM until 3:30PM and from 5:00PM until 9:00PM.  The lunch session will include Babaloo, Iz It, The Wow truck, and many others. The evening session includes Curry Up Now, Senior Sisig and many more amazing food trucks.

SJEats hopes to be the number one destination for new food trucks to be put on display. We can’t wait to see all of you here on May 7th. San Pedro Square Market Manager Steve Borkenhagen will be on site all day and he will be giving tours of the Market to potential tenants, so feel free to talk with him about all of the exciting potential here at the San Pedro Square Market.San pedro square   food trucks san jose   custom food trucks resized

Here is a partial list of food trucks serving on May 7.

LUNCH (11 am to 3 pm) Load in time is 9:30 am sharp

Rib Whip
Seoul on Wheels
Bills Beer Steamed Hot Dogs (Cart)
Butterscotch on the Go
Cabana Daves
Hapa SF
Iz It
Louisiana Territory


DINNER (5 pm to 9 pm) 
Load in time is 3:30 pm sharp
House of Siam
Kara's Cupcakes
Little Green Cyclo
Louisiana Territory
No Way Jose
Quick Dog (Cart)
Senor Sisig
Southern Sandwich
Tikka Bytes
Toasty Melts



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San Pedro Square Market's Search for the Next Great Food Trend

April 2, 2011 was a memorable day for Downtown San Jose in general, but in particular for San Pedro Square. I would like to thank Mike and Marie Millares of The Usuals, founders of SJ MADE, and Ryan Sebastian of Treatbot, founder of SJ Eats, for bringing over 10,000 people to San Pedro Square Square for a day of food and retail exploration centered on our hidden gem, the soon-to-be-completed San Pedro Square Market. Although the food truck lines were over an hour long, SJ EATS is working to make the necessary adjustments to make the next event an even bigger success.

sj eats

        SJ Made






The success of the events made me think of ways we could incorporate some current food trends affecting the industry into our Market. After reading through the most recent reports of trend guru Andrew Freeman,  I centered in on three concepts: Pies, "Mom and Pop shops," and single purpose restaurants.

In the last few years, the cupcake trend was the foundation for countless small businesses, cake pops are now sold in Starbucks, and now we are seeing the emergence of a new item: pies. These are not necessarily the huge pies that can be found at Marie Callender's, but innovative takes on the pie concept. Pies of the savory and sweet varieties are getting smaller and more portable. Have a look at the video below:

With the economy slowly but surely making a come back, "Mom and Pop" businesses have been experiencing a revival. In the restaurant market, smaller seems to be better. People are making more efficient use of smaller spaces to maximize sales and minimize costs. Contemporary entrepreneurs are utilizing smaller spaces, while retaining the same standards of quality as their larger competitors. Our Market project takes this trend even further, offering spaces as small as 200 square feet.

The third emerging trend is the rise in single-purpose restaurants. One of the major factors "driving" this trend is the food truck movement. The trucks’ limited menus are drawing an educated brand of customer craving simple, unfussy street food. Food trucks aren't alone in developing this customer base. When San Pedro Square Market opens later this year, it will be full of these type of establishmens.

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