Dishcrawl heads back to San Pedro Square for Round Three

The team at Dishcrawl has absolutely taken the foodie scene to another level in San Jose. Founder Tracy Lee will be heading the third visit to San Pedro Square. This time Dishcrawl will kick off their event at the beautiful Axis Condo tower, where you can find the delicious Empanadas from The Mmoon.  After Axis, crawlers will be visiting Peggy Sue’s, a family friendly 50’s style dinner, in San Pedro Square. Also, part of the crawl will be the amazing Food Truck MoBowl.

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Tracy is no stranger to San Pedro Square, the first Dishcrawl she held in Downtown San Jose brought over 85 people to The Mmoon Empanadas, a visit that owner Mike Mendez said “Was an amazing way to meet new patrons on a personal level”. Tracy’s second visit brought clients to La Piñata, Satori Tea, and a cameo by another popular food truck Tikka Bytes.

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Dishcrawl is more that just a foodie event. It’s a community builder. It takes the foodie culture and infuses it with an easy way for local businesses to meet their clientele. Many times the patrons who come on the crawls would not get to meet the owners of a neighborhood restaurant. If you have not heard of Dishcrawl yet, chances are there is already one set up in your neighborhood. We will see everybody down in San Pedro Square next Sunday May 29th, 2011.

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