San Pedro Square Market: Upcoming Bands


Looking for something fun to do on a Saturday night? Well, look no further because the upcoming Saturdays here at San Pedro Square Market are going to be very exciting! Starting with Will Sprott from the band The Mumlers,  on  March 24th . He will be play acoustically so you know it will sound amazing! Along with him will be the group April Chase. They are an up and coming indie rock band made up of 5 members and are from the bay area! And to top the night off will be band ‘Please Do Not Fight’. They are also from the bay area and live in San Francisco. After this night we know you’ll be running home to download their music to listen to it all the time!

Can’t make that date? Do not worry,  the 31st has another great lineup! Starting with folksy Rock artist, Adira Shark. We think you’ll really enjoy her relaxed yet catchy feel. Then catch Orangutang and Fever Charm  who have a similar laid back, but captivating sound.

If you are a planner, April 7th we will be bringing you three more bands to enjoy! The band The Trims, which remind you of an early strokes band and brings you back a little to the 90’s. With them will be Pantheon and Hotel Island Breakdown.

The market is going to be pretty exciting in the weeks to come. So grab some friends, come enjoy some yummy food from one of the many venues here at San Pedro Square Market. Don’t forget a drink and a seat, relax and enjoy the shows!


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