Risotto- It's not just for mushrooms anymore!

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One of the things I love most about risotto is how it makes a great meal no matter what time of the year. In the fall and winter you can load it full of hearty meats,chunks of carrots or parsnips for a warm meal on a chilly day. In the spring and summer it takes well to a lighter side, and is wonderful when you add spring or summer vegetables, roasted chicken, grilled salmon and fresh herbs.Both Veggie Box and the Farmer’s Market have a great selection of tasty items you can add to your risotto recipe. You can even serve it cold in a salad and add with a touch of color with some saffron. You will find that risotto is a blank canvas for any kind of add-ins. and whether it’s mixed with meat, fish, or vegetables, risotto doubles as a sophisticated recipe and mouth-watering, comfort food.

The great thing about risotto is it’s not difficult to make at all and there are so many variations. Just use your imagination and you can have a delicious meal in very little time.

Making Risotto requires your full attention for about 20 minutes while you stir warm broth into the rice until the starch in the rice breaks down and it gets really creamy. Get through that 20 minutes and master the basic technique then Voila! You have the start to an incredible meal. Enjoy! San Pedro Square Market.


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