Live Music: Brooke D. Saturday June 1st @ 8:00pm

379180 10151410529548684 215969205 nSan Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join us on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 @ 8:00pm for a live performance with Brooke D.

Brooke D. is a Bay Area native that has been performing as an acoustic solo act for 5 years.

She released her first, self-recorded album in December of 2008, "The Suite EP". After performing at small venues in San Francisco for two years and working with producers at Pyramind Studios, she went on to record a full-length album, released in May of 2010, "Stories". As she continued to progress as a solo artist, she began to collaborate and perform with various musicians such as The Emerald Hill (Folk), Owl Paws (Acoustic Indie) and The Lemme Adams (Accordion Funk).

Following her first full-length, Brooke D. wrote an album of lullabies, meant to be listened to by children and adults of all ages, "Cities Rise Up from the Mattress EP", released in March of 2011.

While her musical journey started with just piano and vocals, in June of 2011, she decided to experiment with vocal looping and beat boxing, on a Line 6 DL4 Delay pedal. After a month locked away in her room, performing sporadically and recording YouTube videos of her process, she wrote an entire A cappella (instrument-less) album, "The Little Green Monster EP", which was officially released September 2011.

Her sixth solo album, "As We Pictured", will be available January 2013.

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