Live Music: Raq Filipina Friday Feb 21st @ 7:00pm

raq filipina 400x200San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM and San Jose Jazz for a live performance with Raq Filipina on Friday, Februrary 21st @ 7:00pm in the market garage.

Raq Filipina’s music is a unique mix of Filipino roots with Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean and chill electronica sounds. Her songs are mysterious and uplifting, innovative and modern, nostalgic and iconoclastic. Her voice is sultry, haunting and sensuous.
She’s an award winning composer and performer who grew up in a musical family in the San Juan neighborhood in Manila, singing and dancing from a young age. Since she arrived in the United States as a young woman, she has sung, danced and performed a range of styles, earning recognition and numerous awards along the way. In early 2010, the legendary world music producer Greg Landau contacted her to work on a new project combining roots music of the Philippine Islands with eclectic rhythms and a touch of electronica. The chemistry of Raq Filipina’s compositions and Landau’s innovative production was immediate and powerful, and they have recorded a unique album.

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