Live Music: Cado & Friends | Sat Sept 6th @ 8pm

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San Pedro Square Market Live Music:  Join SPSM for a live performance with Cado & Friends on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 @ 8:00pm in the Market Plaza.

Cado brings Brazil with him wherever he plays. His passion for music crosses many genres and styles. Whether or not you understand the language of his songs, it is clear that he is a poet telling beautifully sculpted stories. Cado's voice is a juxtaposition of melodious balance and a rawness that convinces the listener he sings with conviction. His music might be hard to categorize solely because of his wide range of influences. Cado sings in three languages-- Portuguese, Spanish, and English. From rock, samba jazz, pop, soul, alternative to bossa nova, his music transcends barriers. His stage name comes from his sister, who couldn’t pronounce Ricado, and called him Cado. As a teenager, he embraced acts like Nirvana, Silverchair, etc. He moved from Brazil to Portugal at a young age, then him and his mom landed in San Jose, CA in 1992. Although he grew up listening to Brazilian music, he didn’t try to play it until he was 19. As an artist, he's been fortunate to meet some his core influences at local shows including Seu Jorge, Jamie Collum..... both equally excited about his enthusiasm and musicianship. At 21 he decided to give up electric guitar and steel strings and focus on acoustic with nylon strings. Although I've never been a musician in terms of performance and formal training, I've been around music enough to love and appreciate it, and know that I carry it in my soul. When I meet people who do too, I smile. Even now, I get chills from a lot of Cado's songs. He has a way of breaking down the complexities of life in a way that is heartfelt and relatable.

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