San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Week of Dec 18th

San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM for live performances in Downtown San Jose the week of December 18th, 2017, featuring: Jerry Sauceda, Tammi Brown, Joyce McCulloch, Bob Gonzalez Band, Joice Walton and Johnny Neri.

Jerry Sauceda: Monday, December 18th @ 6:00pm


Jerry Sauceda and his trio are primarily a cover band utilizing Jerry's very own uniquely designed sequenced backing tracks. Mr. Sauceda and his trio perform everything from Rock, Dance R&B, Hip Hop, Motown, Jazz Standards, Latin and Country. He plays as a live guitarist, vocalist with an accompanying live sax player and keyboardist.

Tammi Brown Duo: Tuesday, December 19th @ 6:00pm

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Drenched in the uplifting and sultry sounds of Gospel and Jazz music, Tammi’s voice is filled with rich tones, elegant phrasing, and vocal versatility, giving it a unique flavor.

Joyce McCulloch: Wednesday, December 20th @ 6:00pm


Joyce McCulloch’s first singing engagement was on KNTV’s Record Hop when she was only 11 yrs old. Since then she has continued to reinvent herself to now become the singer she has always wanted to be, one with amazing tone, warmth and the love of jazz. On the road she has learned to sing everything from Rock to Country to R&B to Jazz and became a respected singer/songwriter for an original band that lead her to win a songwriting contest.

Bob Gonzalez Band: Thursday, December 21st @ 6:00pm


"Rock, roll, rhythm, and blues is what we started with in the early 60’s......we listened to and played it all. Music was not so focused as it is today. People danced and enjoyed it; musicians experimented. Call it what you like, it’s me and my friends doing what we do......”

Do you like the Blues? Do you like old school R&B? Do you like real Rock? You will love the Bob Gonzalez Band!

Joice Walton: Friday, December 22nd @ 7:00pm

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Throughout her simultaneous careers as a boldly eclectic, international-touring blues singer, and procurement agent for Silicon Valley hi-tech firms, Joice Walton has held a number of strong political views. She kept them largely to herself and her circle of friends -- until now. 

Johnny Neri: Saturday, December 23rd @ 7:00pm


JOHNNY NERI BAND is a five piece band that pays tribute to the greatest Rock and Roll bands ever by performing popular, vintage, anthem like Classic Rock and Soul hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Since its inception in 2010, The Johnny Neri Band has rapidly grown in popularity after exploding on the music scene. Incredible four-part harmony from amazing musicians who each play many instruments. 

CHRISTMAS EVE- Sunday, December 24th NO MUSIC

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