San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Week of December 10th 2018

San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM for live performances in Downtown San Jose the week of December 10th, 2018 featuring: Paul Kent, Jonathan Poso, Joyce McCulloch, Burroughs Brothers Band, Math Class Band, Reggie Trio, Levi J, and PS Acoustic.

Paul Kent: Monday, December 10th @ 6:00pm


Paul was born in Brooklyn but spent most of his youth in Rockland County, New York, moving to Palo Alto, California in his teens. His musical influences include Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Southside Johnny, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, 60's Stax and Motown groups. His guitar influences are Eric Clapton, Mike Campbell, Joe Bonamassa, Chuck Berry, James Burton and Pete Townshend.

Paul plays a custom Scott Lentz Telecaster, Fender Telecasters and occasionally a Gibson Les Paul guitar through Fender Bassman and VOX AC30 amps.

Jonathan Poso: Tuesday, December 11th @ 6:00pm


Jonathan Poso is a classically trained pianist who began his training at age ten. He received two scholarships for piano performance to further his musical education in college. Since then he has played at multiple venues around the Bay Area including Maggiano’s, LB Steak, The Fairmont Hotel, private events and Cafe Stritch. His style is a blend of classically influenced renditions of current songs, jazz themes and classic rock.

Joyce McCulloch: Wednesday, December 12th @ 6:00pm


Joyce McCulloch’s first singing engagement was on KNTV’s Record Hop when she was only 11 yrs old. Since then she has continued to reinvent herself to now become the singer she has always wanted to be, one with amazing tone, warmth and the love of jazz. On the road she has learned to sing everything from Rock to Country to R&B to Jazz and became a respected singer/songwriter for an original band that lead her to win a songwriting contest.

Throughout her career she has always had a love of jazz which ultimately brought her to be the “girlsinger” of two well know big bands The Swing Solution and Millennium Sounds and the leader and singer of her own jazz quartet that perform regularly in the area.  In addition she has performed at the San Jose Jazz Festival several times and has been featured with some outstanding jazz groups at venues such at Little Lou’s, Angelica’s. The Hedley Club and Cafe Pink House.

The Burroughs Brothers Band: Thursday, December 13th @ 6:00pm


Classic & Alternative Rock Cover Band bringing you everything from the Rolling Stones to Hootie & the Blowfish, to Journey and Dave Matthews Band - always a crowd pleasure and a lot of fun!

Math Class Band: Friday, December 14th @ 6:00pm


The band Math Class is an act that strives to bring back the big show aspect that has been lacking within the working band circuit for years. With the drive and excitement of new and retro rock tunes that have been amped up to create a smiling audience, Math Class is a band that will start and accentuate any party.

Reggie Trio: Friday, December 14th @ 9:00pm


Regi has taught and performed professionally for over 30 years, and currently works with the oldies group Daddy-O. Regi teaches rock, boogie-woogie, ragtime, blues, country, and New Orleans styles, emphasizing technique, theory, performance, chords, improvisation, music history. Regi prefers the folk teaching method as opposed to reading music, only so the student will learn the components of playing songs and learn to play without just memorizing notes. Boogie-woogie is a style of piano-based blues that became popular in the late 1930s and early 1940s, but originated much earlier, and was extended from piano, and country and western music, and even gospel.

Levi J: Saturday, December 15th @ 9:00pm


'This is my Heart & Soul, Wear it on my sleeve just so other people know...I'm pouring out blood sweat and tears into every single one of my songs and I'm never letting go, of my Heart & my Soul!' - LEVI J

San Francisco Bay Area Singer-songwriter LEVI J blends powerful acoustic pop songs with catchy dance melodies to create his energetic music. Multi-award winner of the West Coast Songwriter Competition, LEVI J recently recorded his debut EP Heart and Soul at Suspect Studios in Downtown San Jose, CA

PS Acoustic: Sunday, December 16th @ 2:00pm

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P.S. is the acoustic duo comprised of well-known local musicians Peter Filice (OTR Band) and Steve Siacotos (The Groove Kings, Nite Cry). Spanning a broad range of acoustic versions of classic rock, folk, and R&B music from the 60's to present day and featuring excellent vocal harmonies and guitar skills

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