San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Week of February 12th 2018

San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM for live performances in Downtown San Jose the week of February 12th, 2018 featuring: Jerry Sauceda, Chaz, Marley/Pohorski/Burn Jazz Trio, Bob Gonzales, Mary Ellen, and Math Class Band.

Jerry Sauceda: Monday, February 12th @ 6:00pm


Jerry Sauceda and his trio are primarily a cover band utilizing Jerry's very own uniquely designed sequenced backing tracks. Mr. Sauceda and his trio perform everything from Rock, Dance R&B, Hip Hop, Motown, Jazz Standards, Latin and Country. He plays as a live guitarist, vocalist with an accompanying live sax player and keyboardist.

Chaz Solo: Tuesday, February 13th @ 6:00pm



Marley / Pohorski / Burn Jazz Trio: Wednesday, February 14th @ 6:00pm


Drummer Stephen Marley has a special affinity for the traditional jazz trio comprised of piano, bass and drums. A retired ad photographer, Stephen often uses the analogy of a camera tripod to describe the synergistic potential of this trio format. “The tripod’s three legs give it incredible strength and adaptability - each leg is vital, yet each functions independently - raising or lowering to adjust to very different terrains. The piano, bass, drum trio allows the musical legs to interact in a similar manner, independently, but combining with strength and purpose.”
The parents of our pianist, Terrigal Burn, realized that their sons earliest howls while harmonically sophisticated, would never get him to Carnegie Hall. They introduced him to the piano at an early age, and thus began the daily grind (including on Christmas morning!) of piano practice. At age 13, considering the option of quitting the piano altogether, or moving from classical to a different genre, Terrigal embraced jazz… partly for love of jazz, partly a rebellion against the parental yoke. — Terrigal’s father once remarked that the later works of John Coltrane were offensive to his ears and characterizing the sounds as those that might come from a pig being stuck with a knife. (A perspective Terrigal does not share).
The final “leg” of the MPB trio is bassist, Doug Pohorski - a graduate of the Jazz Studies Program at San Jose State and a supremely talented musician who has deservedly attained “first call” status within the Bay Area jazz scene. Doug is also a prolific composer, arranger and recording studio owner - He has engineered and produced many recordings for local artists.

Bob Gonzales Blues / Rock Jam: Thursday, February 15th @ 6:00pm


"Rock, roll, rhythm, and blues is what we started with in the early 60’s......we listened to and played it all. Music was not so focused as it is today. People danced and enjoyed it; musicians experimented. Call it what you like, it’s me and my friends doing what we do......”

Jerry Sauceda Band: Friday, February 16th @ 7:00pm


Math Class Band: Saturday, February 17th @ 7:00pm


The band Math Class is an act that strives to bring back the big show aspect that has been lacking within the working band circuit for years. With the drive and excitement of new and retro rock tunes that have been amped up to create a smiling audience, Math Class is a band that will start and accentuate any party.

Mary Ellen: Sunday, February 18th @ 2:00pm


Mary Ellen Duell has been singing in "The Garage Band", in the recording studio and on stages across the country for over two decades.  Her unrivaled vocal talent along with her engaging stage presence truly makes Mary Ellen an entertainer guaranteed to exceed your expectations!  Mary Ellen has a variety of fabulous musicians that provide live music that~combined with high-end recorded tracks~allows them to provide a huge variety of music that is continually being updated.

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