San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Week of June 1st

San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM for live performances in Downtown San Jose the week of June 1st, 2016 featuring Mary Ellen Duell, The Steven Graves Band, Sweet HayaH, ZoTobi, and the Dizzy Burnett Jazz Duo.

Mary Ellen Duell: Thursday June 2nd @ 7pm


Mary Ellen Duell has been singing in "The Garage Band", in the recording studio and on stages across the country for over two decades.  Her unrivaled vocal talent along with her engaging stage presence truly makes Mary Ellen an entertainer guaranteed to exceed your expectations!  Mary Ellen has a variety of fabulous musicians that provide live music that~combined with high-end recorded tracks~allows them to provide a huge variety of music that is continually being updated.

The Steven Graves Band (a touch of Country): Friday June 3rd @ 7pm


Steven’s musical career is unfolding just as is his dream and vision for a better world. In just three short years since committing to a full-time career in music, he has released five CDs. Time Will Tell – his most recent – is his third full-length CD. Music from the heart, organic, socially conscious and thought-provoking are just some of the acronyms used to describe his music. Embracing sounds from the early California Country songwriters (Eagles, J. Brown, etc), Steven takes off into his own original musical expressions unafraid to let the music unfold in its most authentic form.

Sweet HayaH w/ opener ZoTobi: Saturday, June 4th @ 7pm


HayaH is the Arabic and Hebrew word for “life", and Sweet HayaH has a lust for life that pulsates through the music they create. Sweet HayaH is a high-energy festival band, but don’t think that the sweetness makes them pure sugar. There is genuine musical complexity layered into their Rock-Soul-Funk blend, and if there was to be one band to represent the diversity of culture and exuberance found in the Bay Area it would be Sweet HayaH. All of the members of Sweet HayaH were first local musicians in their own right, and since they converged the band’s reach has grown bigger and bigger. Sweet HayaH has kept up an impressive touring schedule and taken their high energy live show all over in 2015 including a run to SXSW. Sweet HayaH has had the honor of performing with some great bands and artists along the way sharing the stage with living legends like Robby Krieger of The Doors.


Positive as Michael Franti, epic as the Dave Matthews Band, and infectious as Nahko & Medicine for the People, Zo Tobi delivers a soulful soundtrack for change, to awaken the hero’s heart of humanity.

His songs effortlessly combine the energy of modern rock, the passion of gospel, and the catchiness of pop. In-studio and onstage, Zo’s rhythmic grooves, musical prowess, lyrical depth, and emotional power call on us to find our place, play our part, and do what we came here to do.

Born to a socially-conscious, middle-class, multicultural Israeli-American family, Zo grew up with the message to “live the life you came to live, and make the contribution you’re here to make.” At age 16, his 80-year old mentor woke him up out of a sense of resignation and powerlessness, saying: “When you’re my age, your grandkids will ask what you did with your life.”

By college, he dove head-first into the movement for climate justice. A few years out, after working 80 hours a week as a grassroots organizer, he found himself “burnt out” and lost. After a time of soul-searching and spiritual awakening, he embarked on a rigorous course of training as a leadership coach, and began supporting social change leaders to thrive and amplify their impact. Now, Zo writes, records, and performs, while working as a coach and entrepreneur to spread wisdom teachings to those who are dedicating their lives to their communities.

The Dizzy Burnett Jazz Duo: Sunday, June 5th @ 1pm


Since their inception in 1991, this hard working musical duo has established itself as one of northern California's premier jazz vocal ensembles. Enthusiastic audiences are charmed by their combination of musicality and showmanship,

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