San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Week of June 4th

San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM for live performances in Downtown San Jose the week of June 4th, 2017 featuring: Jerry Sauceda, Andre Thierry, Emergency 3rd Rail Power Trip, Given To Fly, Math Class Band.

Jerry Sauceda: Monday, June 5th @ 6:00pm


Jerry Sauceda and his trio are primarily a cover band utilizing Jerry's very own uniquely designed sequenced backing tracks. Mr. Sauceda and his trio perform everything from Rock, Dance R&B, Hip Hop, Motown, Jazz Standards, Latin and Country. He plays as a live guitarist, vocalist with an accompanying live sax player and keyboardist.

Andre Thierry: Monday, June 5th @ 7:00pm

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GRAMMY Nominated, Andre Thierry is a phenomenal talent who has been capturing the attention of other musicians and music lovers since he was a toddler. Andre’s French Creole heritage is deeply rooted in Louisiana although he was born and reared in northern California. Michael Tisserand, author of The Kingdom of Zydeco, considered the definitive book on the history of Zydeco music, wrote, “In America, great migrations produce great music. Just as Delta musicians took Highway 61 to Chicago and electrified their blues, so did the Creoles and Cajuns migrate to California and establish vital dance communities. Now the California scenes rival anything back home in Louisiana, and that’s due to players like Andre Thierry, a standard bearer for the new generation. Thierry is among the best of both the West Coast and the Gulf Coast, and he combines youthful vigor with a mature appreciation for his inherited tradition.”

Emergency 3rd Rail Power Trip: Wednesday, June 7th @ 6:00pm



Emergency Third Rail Power Trip is a high-energy rock ’n’ roll band that pounds out a mix of originals, and covers that span the rock era all the way back to its dawn. The band features Chris Skogen (formerly of Bain Mattox and Shot From Guns) on guitar and vocals; Max Drukman (Pounding Birds, Ten Tall Men) on bass and vocals; Roger Pease (Rain Dog, Black Road Boys) on Drums and vocals; and Jeff Whitman (Rockweiler) on keyboards and vocals. Emergency Third Rail Power Trip can be found playing shows around Northern California, most often in the San Francisco Bay Area, their home turf. 

Given To Fly: Friday, June 9th @ 7:00pm


“Given To Fly” is a native San Jose band that delves into the history of Rock n roll, Soul, and R n' B.

Performing a wide variety of classic tunes from the late 60’s up to the current hits of today. Harmonies backed by two guitars, bass, and Drums set the groove as the group takes you on a journey with songs from the likes of The Doobie Brothers and Michael Jackson to The Black Keyes and beyond. The setlist is comprised of unmistakably iconic tunes, unstoppable medleys, and is executed with amazing musicianship.

Math Class Band: Saturday, June 10th @ 7:00pm


Math Class is fronted by talented vocalist “Mr. Math” who has years of world tour experience and has opened for many world class bands such as Aerosmith, 311, Sublime, Candlebox, Pepper, Incubus, and many more.

With a show mentality, Math Class interacts with audiences making everyone feel like they are part of a classroom of rock.  Taking and an energetic show that will make everyone feel like they are  sweating without even attending gym class.

With a love and talent for music this band is a very dedicated outfit that will bring strong dress attire with a rockstar flair, relevant song choices that cater to varying crowds, and most of all, a broken boundary between the band and the audience which creates a show that people will talk about for years to come……….. Welcome to Class….. Math Class.

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