San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Week of Oct 2nd

San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM for live performances in Downtown San Jose the week of October 2nd, 2017 featuring: Wil Roberts, Jackie Turner, Jeramy Norris, Laura Price, Chrome Deluxe, and Joice Walton.

Wil Roberts: Tuesday, October 3rd @ 6:00pm


Wil creates an atmosphere of musical excellence where ever he performs his mix of R&B, coffee house, and adult contemporary pop.  His beautiful voice and relaxed style on guitar or keyboard set him apart from other entertainers and make him a favorite at intimate events.

Jackie Turner Trio: Wednesday, October 4th @ 6:00pm


Jackie Turner & Friends  provides music for all occasions. R&B, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Reggae, Funk, Top 40, Lite Rock, Country you name it we can play it!

Jeramy Norris Trio: Thursday, October 5th @ 6:00pm


Jeramy Norris is an emerging blues phenomenon taking the world by storm.
Jeramy has consistently been amazing audiences with his soulful vocals and supernatural guitar skills. Hailed as a messenger with an old soul, Jeramy delivers riffs and vibe beyond his years. Audiences are eager anywhere he plays. Jeramy plays with pure passion that draws people in, and makes them feel good.

Laura Price: Friday, October 6th @ 7:00pm


She’s an All American singer with a sultry stage presence and a voice that 
demands your attention- smoky, lonely, sexy, and powerful. It’s no wonder her 
music transcends the blues and crosses a line into music that is unequivocally 

Chrome Deluxe: Saturday, October 7th @ 7:00pm


Chrome Deluxe has gained a reputation as one of the most diverse R&B, Swing and Blues based bands in the Bay Area with their own special take on both classics and current favorites.  Particularly popular with fans who like to dance. The group draws from the innovators of American music while translating the music into their own sound and bringing the audience quality entertainment and a truly fun musical experience.

Joice Walton: Sunday, October 8th @ 2:00pm

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 7.55.38 PM.png

Walton’s second album, 2012’s Texas Heat, was even more eclectic than her first. Recorded primarily in Nashville, she brilliantly wove the blues, country, soul, jazz, rock, and pop strains of American vernacular styles into a multihued fabric. Like her late friend, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, who contributed his guitar and viola to two tracks of the album, Walton prefers to simply call what she does “American music.” One might also call it a vegetable soup of sounds.

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