San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Week of October 29th 2018

San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM for live performances in Downtown San Jose the week of October 29th, 2018 featuring: Chaz, Jerry Sauceda, Primary Colors, Steve Marley, The Rockafellas, Dolce Musica, Math Class Band, and the Funtouchables.

Chaz: Monday, October 29th @ 6:00pm



Jerry Sauceda: Tuesday, October 30th @ 6:00pm


Jerry Sauceda is one very talented guy.  In addition to having one of the absolute best voices you will ever hear, he is an accomplished guitar player and wonderful entertainer.  Jerry utilizes his very own uniquely designed sequenced backing tracks and plays everything from Rock, Dance R&B, Hip Hop, Motown, Jazz Standards, Latin and Country. He plays as a live guitarist, vocalist with an accompanying live sax player and keyboardist.

Primary Colors: Wednesday, October 31st @ 6:00pm


They magically combine southern soul and classic jazz styles with the grooves and blues – performing their originals and favorites from Jimmie Davis and Nat King Cole to Al Green and Marvin Gaye. Their treatments are so unique that you feel you are hearing even classic songs for the first time. While they impress hard-core jazz lovers, they tap into the souls of anyone who loves the great vibes and surprises that come with every jam session.

Steve Marley: Thursday, November 1st @ 6:00pm


I started fooling around with drums at age 11 and by the age of 15 was playing and recording with rock bands in the SF Bay Area. My first recordings were made with a folk rock duo - Pat n' Al - at the old Coast Recording Studios in downtown San Francisco and Columbia "B" in Hollywood. This was fairly heady stuff for a fifteen year old from San Jose, CA.
A couple of years (and a couple of bands) later, I was playing with Teddy & His Patches, who recorded the legendary "garage psychedelic" tune Suzy Creamcheese.

The Rockafellas: Friday, November 2nd @ 7:00pm (Market Plaza Stage)

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We The Rockafellas Band of San Jose have been together for over 7 years , our passion for keeping the classic rock songs of the past alive is what drives us to play and perform live, We play mostly rock and roll from the 60's,70's,80's,90's to current classics. 

Dolce Musica: Friday, November 2nd @ 9:00pm (Garage Bar Stage)

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Dolce Musica is a trio that performs a great variety of material with joy and passion. From seminal artists like Dylan to "old school" R&B and original material, the song selection pleases audiences wherever we play. The trio combines the expert guitar styling of Don Bill and smooth flugelhorn and bass accompaniment of Chris Vasquez.

Math Class Band: Saturday, November 3rd @ 7:00pm (Market Plaza Stage)


The band Math Class is an act that strives to bring back the big show aspect that has been lacking within the working band circuit for years. With the drive and excitement of new and retro rock tunes that have been amped up to create a smiling audience, Math Class is a band that will start and accentuate any party.

Funtouchables: Saturday, November 3rd @ 9:00pm (Garage Bar Stage)


Variety • Wide-Appeal • Surf & Fun • 50's Sock Hop

Psychadelic 70's • Modern Rock • 80's • Gatsby

Acoustic Ukelele Walk-Around • and more!

Chaz: Sunday, November 4th @ 2:00pm

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