Downtown San Jose Event: Arts and Crafts Fair!

The forecast is Sunny and just in time too because we are happy to announce that from 10 am- 4pm on May 20th, at San Pedro Square Market you can come and enjoy the arts and crafts fair put on by TFM Endeavors. It is a way for local artists to show off their talent! Come enjoy original handmade arts and crafts and even get a chance to purchase these unique items for yourselves or give them as gifts! It is for all ages so bring the family and there is no cost at all!  We look forward to seeing you here rain or shine!

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Downtown San Jose Event: Cinequest Film Festival

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Looking for something to do in the upcoming weeks? Starting February 28th, Cinequest returns to Downtown San Jose, showcasing innovative films for their annual festival. Cinequest is a film festival that pushes the limit; they have found a way to take the power of technology and creatively showcase it to their audience. In other words, they are doing things with technology that others wish they could do and it is going to be happening right here in San Jose and we all have the chance to enjoy it. The festival will take place from late February until early March, showcasing premiere films that give new artists a chance to show off their talents. The screenings are located throughout Downtown San Jose within walking distance of several yummy places to eat! It is suggested that you buy your tickets ahead of time, but it is not a must, which makes the festival a good choice for a last minute date night. They even have student prices! Audiences are in for a real treat, as Cinequest is known to provide amazing quality and an enjoyable overall experience. For more details about shows and times check out the website at: See you at the movies!

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Last-minute Valentines Day Ideas

Lets step out of the box for a minute. Let’s not do the normal candy, roses, balloons thing. Lets get creative, personal and most importantly as easy as we can this year! The best ideas and gifts are the ones you make yourself and sometime tend to even be the cheapest ones to give!


10 Simple and Great Ideas:


1. An incredibly nice and thoughtful gesture is to write a letter or a poem. You don’t have to be a poet either! Just write down how you feel about the person, how important they are to you. I bet this is way better than a box a chocolates (or at least a close second).

2. Along the lines of a letter is filling a jar with little love notes.

3. Suggest cooking a meal together! Could be a favorite food for both or a new one you can explore together. 

4.Walk around a favorite part of town, stopping at a nice local bar for a glass of wine and appetizers. (Perhaps Vino Vino!)

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5. Plan a scavenger hunt sending your valentine all around town while you get dinner ready! This might take some time, but your valentine will appreciate the time you put into this idea.

6. Buy them 1 of their favorite flower. Doesn’t need to be an entire bouquet, the important part is to remember which is their favorite.

7. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs that remind you of that person. Include why you picked those tracks.

8. Pack a lunch and go to the park for a picnic! Lets take it back to our childhood and go swing on the swings.

9. Let the person know you are thinking about them, send email, text, voicemails, and even a letter in the snail mail! Your valentine will know how much you are thinking about them and care.

10. Take your Valentine to San Pedro Square Market! Enjoy good music, food, drinks, and simply enjoy the company of one another.


Here is a rundown of the special offers the Market Tenants will be offering tomorrow night:

Vino Vino is offering 25% off wine pours for ladies
Pizza Bocca Lupo is offering 15% off all desserts
Little Chef Counter is offering a 3-course prix fixe: House Salad, Pan-roasted Salmon, and White Chocolate Bread Pudding for $24/person from 5pm-close.




Bad Ideas: Don’t forget! As much as your valentine might say they really don’t care what you do if anything at all, which might be true, still take the time to let that person verbally know how important you are to them. Valentines day or not, this is not a bad idea. Also, don’t do something that you know your valentine doesn’t care for. Try to be considerate even with the minor details. There might be a Sharks game on that night, or a new Glee on, but lets try to think of the other person for a change guys!

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Busy Weekend Ahead at the Market

This coming weekend is going to be a great one at San Pedro Square Market. To kick things off the Sharks are at home on Friday before they head out of town on a two-week road trip. Enjoy dinner and drinks while cheering on the Sharks.

Friday night Pearl Alley will be rocking the house. The band goes on stage at 6:30pm and will play until the crowd can’t dance anymore. Pearl Alley’s blend of blues and rock 'n’ roll is influenced by the vocal style of Janis Joplin and defined by the blistering lead guitar of David Crane.

Saturday will be the busiest day of the week by far. First, we have a baby shower taking place in the public seating area, which will be catered by Pizza Bocca Lupo and Little Chef Counter.

For more information on how to schedule schedule a private event at the Market visit our page on event planning.

 The Red Cross will host a ‘Singles CPR’ class in the Perrazo Building from 1pm to 4:30pm. It is open to ages 21-35 years old and costs $30. Besides learning vitally important safety techniques, you may end up doing some mouth-to-mouth with an early Valentine!

Contact Sowmya Arja at if you have any questions.

There will be another unique happening on Saturday: A One-Day Pop-Up Valentine Beauty Event. From noon-6pm you will be able to come and socialize with a team of artists and other creative women. Come and have a mini facial, makeup application, brow shaping or jazz up your lashes with some extensions. We will also have some designer jewelry, accessories and clothes for sale. This is going to be fun and super exclusive.

To RSVP for a beauty service appointment or more for info, contact Naima @

Finally, B2, San Jose’s favorite coffee house, will be presenting a mock Barista competition in Perrazo from 6pm-11pm. Join them as they get the local barista community together to put on a practice run of each competitor's presentation. Cheer on your local baristas, volunteer to be a judge, or just hang out with friends, enjoy some music and sip on some free coffee that they'll be serving up all night from the V60 bar. It’s going to be a fun night. See you there!

Sunday will be a relaxing day so bring the family and enjoy Happy Hour at the Market Bar all day long.


Stay tuned for our Next blog Post on Cinequest 22! If you have topics you would like tp have us blog about please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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