Dahveed Behroozi Live January 11th @ 7:00pm

dahveed behroozi 400x200Pianist and Composer Dahveed Behroozi is a Brooklyn based musician primarily devoted to the independent jazz, classical and rock scenes. Dahveed’s playing has been described as highly expressive, lyrical and colorful by numerous publications nationwide. Dahveed recently recorded his first album Games which is set to be released this upcoming fall. In addition to performing and recording as a leader and soloist, Dahveed has regularly performed and recorded with groups led by Thomas Morgan, Billy Mintz, Dayna Stephens, Ed Neumeister, Todd Neufeld and Aaron Lington.

Dahveed grew up in San Jose CA, and he is currently on the faculty at Mercy College where he teaches music appreciation and music theory classes. He also accompanies singers in a wide array of idioms ranging from art songs to The American Songbook, as well as singer/songwriter material. Dahveed plans to continuously perform and record, and also has hopes to pair his original music with film, another strong interest of his.