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  • Saturday, August 25th, 2012
  • 7:00pm
This is our last installment for Daydream Nation this summer! We are proud to of been a part of such an incredible series of music...the bands have been amazing, and our partners Content have been putting together some of the most beautiful videos of each performer that has been a part of this.

This show coming up is compromised of the artists we first met when we came to San Jose, CA. They are some of our favorite people, and we are privileged to have them all together for one night of incredible music!

The Trims
Color (Formerly Bell Thieves)
Survival Guide

Orangutang- 8pm
One of the most unique artists to come out of the Bay Area, in my opinion. They have diversity in their sound that lends itself to a more electronic side of indie rock. We always drew the correlation to artists like The Notwist, Radiohead, etc. One of the first interviews and in studio performances we've had the pleasure of having.

Survival Guide- 9pm
This duo comes from the ashes of Action Design, and have been getting some incredible accolades from really strong national press. If you blend the mood of Phantogram, and then couple it in with a strong dose of Metric, and you have Survival Guide. They were the first interview we produced in our new radio studio, and were some of the sweetest people we've had the pleasure of meeting. We believe in this band, and you should too.

Color (Bell Thieves)- 10pm
These guys have made a ton of noise in their rehearsal studio actually, they threw some of the best D.I.Y. shows at their tiny rehearsal room . We had the pleasure of meeting them at our first "party" in the Bay Area at the Patio (sunnyvale). The band recently went for a name change, and have been solidifying themselves as one of the most proactive and relevant Indie Rock bands to be coming out of San Jose.

The Trims - 11pm
If you haven't heard of The Trims yet, then you should get out more often. They have quickly become one of the biggest draws in San Jose. They've won opportunities to play BFD, as well as getting strong support and radio play from Bay Area radio stations. Again, one of the first bands we've met at our first party at the Patio, and after a few shots of well tequila, we knew we would be fast friends. We've supported them through their rise to local familiarity, and have had the pleasure of partnering with them on a few important shows in San Jose. To describe their sound, it's as if Joy Division, Interpol, and the Strokes threw a party that went until the sun came up. They are fun, and some of the greatest group of individuals we've ever met. I couldn't think of a better band to close the evening, so it's our pleasure to give you...The Trims.