SJC Latin Jazz Quintet June 22 @ 7:00pm


The SJC Latin Jazz Quintet is comprised of members of San Jose Jazz’s Summer Jazz Camp’s distinguished and über cool faculty that include local, national, and international artists like Shawn Costantino, Wayne Wallace, David Flores, Hristo Vitchev, John Worley, Rick Vandivier, Dan Robbins, Jimmy Biala, Pascal LeBeouf, and Wally Schnalle. The concert will open with a set by members of the Camp’s incredible college faculty, including Yuma Sung, Oscar Pangalinian, Faris Jarrah, and Jordan Brian who attend Manhattan School of Music/New York University, San Jose State, and Stanford. They will be joined on stage by some of the camp’s hottest high school players.

Artist Website Links:
Jimmy Biala
Jordan Brian
David Flores
Pascal LeBeouf
Oscar Pangalinian
Dan Robbins
Wally Schnalle
Rick Vandivier
Hristo Vitchev
Wayne Wallace
John Worley