The San Pedro Square Market Sign & Nine.Ten.Eleven

The San Pedro Square Market Sign

After a much anticipated few months, the San Pedro Square Market sign finally arrived this week. The sign took close to a year to design, fabricate, and install. Needless to say we are pleased with the way it came out.

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Built by Pacific Neon Company, the sign spans 140 feet and boasts six foot tall letters and is now among San Jose's largest signs. Thank you all for the overwhelming responses on Facebook and Twitter. We have been working so hard to get the project open, its nice to see that we are nearing the finish line. Those of you who are wondering why there is a huge space in between "Pedro" and "Market", this is not a design flaw, there will be a clock installed there. The clock was bigger than the other pieces and had to be shipped on its own. Once here, the sign will be complete and we will let everyone know when the official lighting of the sign will be!

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The Nine.Ten.Eleven Event

Are you ready for your first taste of San Pedro Square Market? Well in less than sixty-days you will have your chance. Hosted by new tenant Joelle Cruz, the aptly named Nine.Ten.Eleven event will be a great day filled with classic cars, fashion shows, live music and much more.

Joelle Cruz owner of Brim, is also launching his brand new magazine Made in San Jose which highlights all things local from fashion to events. We will keep you updated as the September 10th gets coser but one thing is for sure, San Pedro Square Market is getting closer and closer to becoming Downtown San Jose's newest venue for all things local.

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San Pedro Squre Market- Tenant Update

As we mentioned in our last blog post we are beginning to highlight our market tenants. This weeks blog post will be on Crewners Barber Shop. Crewners  will be an old-school barbershop with all of the current amenities. The barber shop is the brainchild of Dan Dixon. Dan is a skilled technician who's also blessed with the gift of gab. Here is a little about Crewners:





Crewners will be an upscale barbershop, providing fashionable and stylish haircuts and the highest quality full barbershop services. Vintage decor blended with modern equipment will create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and invites customers to relax, refresh and reminisce. The chair you see below was found on craiglsist. Once Dan saw the chair, he knew it had to be restored so it could become the centerpiece of his store.

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The Chair before

san pedro square market, crewners barbor shop, new tenants in the san pedro square marketThe Chair after its rehab

Crewners is sure to be one of the most memorable tenants in the project. We will keep you informed on all of their progress.Here are a few shots of the construction so far...



crewners in the san pedro square market



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Just a reminder space is filling up fast. Find out how to become a tenant right here:


Next Blog Post:

Nine.Ten.Eleven event...



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