The Stan Erhart Band

Stan Erhar band, san pedro square market, peralta adobe plazaI have to write about The Stan Erhart Band. These guys played the Peralta Adobe Plaza last night for the Shark Game. They were absolutely amazing. Their vocals and style took me back to the times when music was truly great. Eric Clapton, Greatful Dead, TP & the HB's (Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers), and my personal favorite from the set list, Merle Haggard's "okie from muskogee". I cannot say enough about these guys.

Stan's roots go back to the family farm in Kansas; where hard work and play were accompanied by John Deere tractors, V-8 cars, & country guitars. His brother's baritone horn was the first instrument, followed by guitar, vocals, sax, flute, and an interest in keyboards. He spent his college years playing in bands in Michigan, later moving to Chicago to play the clubs, and finally to San Francisco to form one of the busiest bands in the Bay Area. They have a grand ole time dishin' up..."A great big plate of roots rockin' blues with a little of everything on the side!"

San Francisco singer/songwriter Stan Erhart exists in that blues-rock space occupied by John Hiatt, Warren Zevon, and Dave Alvin. With his weary, gravelly voice, Erhart exists well outside of the pop mainstream, but should find fans among those who seek a rootsy, American style..."
Doug Cornell, HitSession

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I cannot wait to get these back at the Market. They are amazing


Stay tuned for next weeks San Jose Shark's Blog by Aaron Sholl, we will also be rolling out our San Pedro Square Market tailgating series, with tips, games, recipes, and essential checklists for all styles of tailgaters. Yes, tailgating at the Market!

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Vino Vino now open in the San Pedro Square Market

san jose wine bar, wine bars in san joseVino Vino wine bar is officially open for business in the San Pedro Square Market. Owners Victor Klee and Gary Arakaki were one of the first tenants involved in the project. The wine bar is located on the North end of San Pedro Street and boasts an amazing 13 bottle wines tap system. Yes that's correct they have wine on tap. The tap system is amazing to look at but it is also a green product. The tap system cuts back on corks, bottles, labels, foil, boxes, the list goes on and on. Another great feature of the system is the ability to carry more unique wines that cannot be found at many other wines bars because the system increases the life of the wine without sacrificing on the quality. So for all you wine buffs out there that means more wine flights more often.

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There menu is great too. I went there for lunch today and ordered the smoked salmon crostini plate and a brie, prosciutto, & fig spread sandwich, all i can say is WOW! If that's not your style, I saw other people eating the grilled cheese sandwich that has crimini mushrooms and truffles, and a seared ahi tuna salad. As i was eating my lunch I asked Gary and Victor what made them decide to open the wine bar and they simply said..."We couldn't find anything that catered to us, so we went out and started our own bar". I must say its been a hit so far. People are raving about it. In fact its more than just a wine bar, its an experience. I went to lunch not knowing much about wine, other than I like it. But when I left I knew why they decided on the wine taps vs traditional bottles, where the wines are coming from, and they their food products are local and sustainable which is important to me and I'm sure many others.

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Crewners Barbershop Opens in the San Pedro Square Market

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Today is a great day at the San Pedro Square Market. Our newest vendor, Dan Dixon of Crewners Barbershop, has opened for business. Crewners is an upscale barbershop, providing fashionable and stylish haircuts and the highest quality full barbershop services. Vintage decor blended with modern equipment creates an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and invites customers to relax, refresh and reminisce.

Dan found his barber chair in Las Vegas, Nevada and took it to be refurbished by the boys at American Restoration. Dan is just another example of the entrepreneurial spirit that in Silicon Valley. Dan is an asset to the project and an amazing person. We are so happy to welcome Crewners Barber shop to the San Pedro Square Market family.

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Before the restoration


san pedro square market, san jose restaurant, san jose events

The Finished Product 

Location & Hours

San Pedro Square Market | 87 North San Pedro Street #107 | San Jose, California 95110 | Phone: 408.663.1813 |


Sunday              Closed
Monday              Closed
Tuesday             10am - 6pm
Wednesday         10am - 5pm
Thursday            10am - 6pm
Friday                 10am - 8pm 
Saturday             8am - 5pm


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