Downtown Ice is Here!

Hawaiian Airlines and Kristi Yamaguchi are giving people in San Jose the opportunity to test out their skating skills. Downtown Ice opened on November 18th , my family and I enjoyed skating under the circle of palms in downtown San Jose. Downtown Ice is located in between the San Jose Museum of Art and Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. The ice rink will be open from November 18th through January 29th, 2012.  Kristi Yamaguchi, who is best known for her 1992 Olympic Gold Medal will be at the Opening Ceremony 5 p.m. Monday, November 21. Yamaguchi, who has always supported the downtown ice, will not be performing but her former skating club the Sliver Stars Synchronized Skating Group will be performing a dance.

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Downtown Ice is a time for friends and family to gather and celebrate holiday activities. Along with ice skating there are a ton of fun filled holiday events starting with Christmas in the Park, riding the wonderland amusements, and watching live performances such as, “The Nutcracker” at the San Jose performing arts and “A Christmas Carol” at San Jose Repertory Theater.  The ice rink is open daily from 5-9pm on weeknights and 11 am to midnight on weekends except Sundays.

 Admission prices:

Children 10- younger $13,

11-older $15.

 The admission price includes ice skating time and also the rental skates.



Healthy Cooking - Spice up your Edamame Salad

Edamame is perhaps my most favorite snack to cook. It’s so good for you and you can dress it up a million different ways. Here is a quick recipe to spice up your Edamame. This is a great snack for kids, and a great trick for entertaining you guests.

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I generally use the Edamame from Trader Joes, because it’s fast and easy. But you can use any brand. In a wok or a non-stick fry pan heat up 3 tablespoons of sesame oil on medium to high heat. Add the Edamame and toss several times to coat evenly. I let the Edamame sear for a solid 3-5 minutes, tossing frequently, so that a nice crust begins to form. Add garlic, ponzu, black & white sesame seeds, shiso powder, and seaweed (optimal). Once the Edamame has been coated evenly pour into a serving dish and sprinkle with kosher or sea salt. *Tip- some of the ingredients will stick to the sided of your wok simply, use a plastic spatchula to remove excess num-nums and add them to your serving dish. Also, you can spice up this great dish by adding sriracha, wasabi, spicy yellow mustard, or your favorite peppers or hot sauces just make sure you let people know!

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Serve with wasabi, sriracha, soy sauce. Your guests will not hate this. I promise.

The Sharks Need to K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple, stupid. The Sharks should have that mounted above everyone’s lockers inside the San Jose Arena because every player should be reminded of that daily. After watching the home games against The Penguins and The Predators, and comparing them to their latest road trip, its like watching a different team when the Sharks are at home. They also seem to not play with any sense of urgency until they go down by a few goals. It’s like they’re a high schooler procrastinating their 10-page term paper until the night before and then staying up all night to write it. Sometimes it gets done (like Pittsburgh) and sometimes it fails (like Anaheim). It's annoying and it needs to stop in order for them to be an elite team that will win a cup soon.


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The San Jose Sharks have the problem of having great and talented players on their team yet, no one player that will step up and take command. I have seen countless chances on goal wasted because of one too many passes or one too many dekes. Instead of being the man, it’s like they pass it off to be nice or to spread the love. Just score, dammit. Someone be the selfish one and bury the puck into the net. I know it is easier said than done but this is getting out of hand lately at home games. We need some goals and we need them before going down in the game.


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One thing that Todd McLellan did that I was yelling for after the first period of the Pittsburgh game was change up the line combos (maybe he heard me?). The top two lines were clearly not into the game but the third and fourth lines were actually getting pressure in the Pittsburgh zone with turnovers and puck possession. Moving Jamie McGinn up to the top line when he got the tying goal was great to see and I was happy he got that goal after the hard work he put in all game long. Hard work will beat skill 95% of the time and the top two lines better wake up to that. Looking at these lines of practice from Friday makes me happy since there is a hard working player on every line.

The Sharks top guys need to put in more work and pass less to start their scoring prowess once again. I still firmly believe that Joe Thornton can be a 100+ point player like when we first got him in 2006 and Marleau could be a 40 goal scorer on his wing. Pavelski is already on his way to a 96 point season if he keeps his pace up (doubtful though). All the potential of these guys kill me as a fan.


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There is nothing more frustrating than watching someone play that has all the potential in the world to be great but only to wastes it away due to lack of hard work. I hope the San Jose Sharks realize their potential this year and makes something of it. I see it already on the third and fourth lines and that gives me hope. I know it is only November, but setting a tone early in the season will only help habits later and in playoffs. And by looking at how Detroit is doing scares me as that could be the Sharks in a few years….


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Upcoming events at the San Pedro Sqaure Market

The San Pedro Square Market has started November out with a bang. Last night the Arclight Theater of San Jose, collaborating with New York’s Tectonic Theatre Company, debuted a play titled "Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays". It was a smashing success. Half of the proceeds were donated to the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Community Center to support their education and outreach efforts. There was also a great crowd at the San Pedro Square Market Bar cheering on the San Jose Sharks as they defeated the Los Angeles Kings 4-2 .


Strike Two, kinzie balfour, book signings, san jose, san pedro square market Calling all ladies! Wednesday November 9th, Kinzie Balfour, the author of Strike Two, a steamy little romance novel, will be at the San Pedro Square Market for a book signing. Come down, bring your girlfriends, and “chick chat” over our custom cocktail called Romance Beckons, specially created for this event. The party starts at 7pm. Come dressed in whatever you like, but Kinzie will be going all out, so feel free to rock your highest heels and slinkiest dress. Why not? It’s ladies night!



tamale making, san jose things to do, san pedro square market, downtown san joseInterested in learning the art of Tamale making? Well, San Pedro Square Market is the place to be. We will be hosting a hands-on Tamale Making Workshop Saturday November 12th and Saturday the 19th, both from 12pm-4pm, in the Perrazo Building, located at 170 W. Saint John Street. The cover is $65, which includes chefs demo, hands-on workshop, recipe book and a delicious tamale dinner. This is perfect skill to have for the upcoming holiday season to share with family and friends. For more information call Casa Q: (408) 280-1065



peralta adobe, san jose history, history san jose, san jose eventsCome dig into San Jose’s history at the heart of the San Pedro Square Market’s Peralta Adobe. Archeology students from Stanford University will be leading a mock archaeological dig for kids. If your are an aspiring archaeologist, eager to learn about San Jose’s history or just want to get your hands dirty, come Sunday, November 13th from 12pm-4pm, admission is free!


peter yarrow, hiclbee's book store, san jose things to do, san joseWe are thrilled to have Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary, here, at the San Pedro Square Market for a mini concert and book signing. Grab a bite to eat, enjoy live music, and come meet this legendary artist on Tuesday, November 15th from 7pm-9pm. Free validated parking across the street will be available.


Celebrate “San Jose’s Birthday” on November 20th from 12pm-4pm hosted by History San Jose, where they will have music and cake to celebrate the founding of the Pueblo.


There will be many more exciting upcoming events, join our mailing list and let us keep you updated on everything happening at the San Pedro Square Market.


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