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Urban Momo is a fascinating eatery full of complex and satisfying flavors with the freshest ingredients and innovative approach to classic Nepali flavors. Nepali food is one of the original fusions, as the landlocked country situated in between India and China the food is a delightful blend of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan cultures.

Urban Momo’s menu is the ultimate expression of contemporary Nepali cuisine. The variety of food offerings appeal to vegetarians, meat lovers and kids. Explore the menu to find an exquisite lunch, snacks, evening meal or just something that goes well with your favorite glass of wine, beer or cocktail.

Urban Momo gets its name from its signature dish ‘Momo’. Momo is a Nepali steamed dumpling filled with minced vegetables or ground meat served with a side of Achaar, a dipping sauce. The origin of Momo can be traced back to the times when the indigenous Newari community travelled to Tibet for trade and barter of goods. They enjoyed this dumpling so much that they wanted to replicate it in Nepal but did not have the same ingredients available locally and thus the Momo was born; a Newari twist to the Tibetan dumpling. The delectable dipping sauce (sauce) has a tomato and sesame seeds base with several fragrant spices like Sichuan peppercorns, turmeric, coriander.

Their founders and Chefs perfected the recipes over several years of cooking at the various restaurants across Nepal, in the Himalayas during expeditions and around the world. It is a taste that Nepalese would reminisce on when they think about authentic food back in Nepal; a taste that takes you back home! All the spices and proportions are from the secret recipe that originated by improvising the traditional recipe over several years.





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Get To Know Carmel Fallon!


In 1855, well before the San Pedro Square Market was built the Fallon House, home of Captain Thomas Fallon and his wife Carmel was built. The couple lived in the house for over 20 years. Captain Fallon was the 10th Mayor of San Jose and was well known for his accomplishments. Let's get to know a little more about the lady behind this famous man...

  • Carmel Castro Fallon was born July 12th, 1827, the third child of Martina Castro (the family whom Castro Street is named).
  • Carmel's mother, Martina was a member of the prominent Castro family and was the first women in California to request a land grant in her own name. She was the grantee of Rancho Soquel, about 35,000 acres on the coastline south of Santa Cruz.
  • Carmel married Thomas Fallon, an Irishman in 1848. The Fallon family, including two children sailed to Texas in 1852.
  • The Fallon family returned to California, moved to San Jose in 1855 and built a home in which they lived for 22 years. Six children were born in the house.
  • In 1876, Carmel discovered her husband and a domestic named Maggie McBride in "compromising circumstances." The next day she filed for divorce, after 27 years of marriage and moved to San Francisco.
  • Carmel started over as a business women in San Francisco with $30,000 in gold and property at the northwest corner of Third and Minna where she had The Hotel Carmel built. She also had the Fallon Hotel built at 1693 Market.
  • In 1894, Carmel had 1800 Market built and lived there until her death in 1923.

Want to know more about Carmel and the Fallon family? Join one Peralta Adobe & Fallon House tours for a guided journey back in time to experience San Jose before cars, computers and smart phones! Click here for tour information.

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Music At The Market


San Pedro Square Market features live music from great local performers nightly! For a list of performers and times click here!

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Happy New Year!

From all of us at San Pedro Square Market, Happy New Year! We will be closed today (1/1) to celebrate with loved ones. We will return to our normal hours of operation tomorrow.

New Year

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