Live Music: Grooveyard Shift Sat July 19th @ 8p

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San Pedro Square Market Live Music: Join SPSM for a live performance with the Grooveyard Shift on Saturday, July 19th, 2014 @ 8:00pm in the Market Plaza.

Grooveyard Shift is a fresh and interesting addition to the Bay Area music scene and a rarity among bands playing in the South Bay. Featuring an eclectic instrumentation rarely seen in this area, Grooveyard Shift is comprised of Madison Bohrer (tenor sax), Sweeney Schragg (guitar), Dustin Vado (bass), Chris Haskett (drums) and Dillon Vado (vibraphone). The vibraphone gives Grooveyard Shift a unique texture and sound that both leads and supports the combination of original tunes mixed with the occasional groovin’ cover song, while the driving rhythms and compelling sax and guitar solos bring power and style to the ensemble.

Playing a range of styles from straight ahead jazz to funk to old school RnB, Grooveyard Shift is a band that will have your head bobbing and your feet moving before you know what hit you!

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Madison Bohrer- Tenor Saxophone
Chris Haskett- Drums
Sweeney Schragg- Guitar
Dustin Vado- Bass
Dillon Vado- Vibraphone

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