Merchant Feature: Urban Momo




Urban Momo is a fascinating eatery full of complex and satisfying flavors with the freshest ingredients and innovative approach to classic Nepali flavors. Nepali food is one of the original fusions, as the landlocked country situated in between India and China the food is a delightful blend of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan cultures.

Urban Momo’s menu is the ultimate expression of contemporary Nepali cuisine. The variety of food offerings appeal to vegetarians, meat lovers and kids. Explore the menu to find an exquisite lunch, snacks, evening meal or just something that goes well with your favorite glass of wine, beer or cocktail.

Urban Momo gets its name from its signature dish ‘Momo’. Momo is a Nepali steamed dumpling filled with minced vegetables or ground meat served with a side of Achaar, a dipping sauce. The origin of Momo can be traced back to the times when the indigenous Newari community travelled to Tibet for trade and barter of goods. They enjoyed this dumpling so much that they wanted to replicate it in Nepal but did not have the same ingredients available locally and thus the Momo was born; a Newari twist to the Tibetan dumpling. The delectable dipping sauce (sauce) has a tomato and sesame seeds base with several fragrant spices like Sichuan peppercorns, turmeric, coriander.

Their founders and Chefs perfected the recipes over several years of cooking at the various restaurants across Nepal, in the Himalayas during expeditions and around the world. It is a taste that Nepalese would reminisce on when they think about authentic food back in Nepal; a taste that takes you back home! All the spices and proportions are from the secret recipe that originated by improvising the traditional recipe over several years.





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