SPSM New Vendor: POPS & Sons Soda Co.

pops and SonsSan Pedro Square Market Vendors: Check out our new market vendor in the market garage: POPS & Sons Soda Co.

POPS & Sons Soda Company hand craft each glass of non-alcoholic drinks with serums brewed daily from the finest ingredients and purest carbonated water. From their family to you, their healthy and refreshing culinary compliments await your enjoyment.  Stop by for a refreshing drink in downtown san jose with this new innovative soda co.


  • Less sugar than a glass of Milk (really)!

  • They almost named it NoCrap Soda! All their recipes are low sugar and they use organic palm sugar, honey, aguave, unwashed cane sugar.


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San Pedro Square Market May 2013 Vendor Spotlight

Cre ParisOooh la la! At Cre Paris, you can choose from 25-30 different types of crepes - sweet or savory - or you can build your own, selecting from a wide assortment of fresh ingredients. They also serve traditional baguette sandwiches simply with ham, cheese, and butter, just as you would find on the streets of Paris. Bon Appetit!

Website: www.cre-paris.com
Connect: Cre Paris on Facebook 


Robee's FalafelInspired by the rich Mediterranean culture, Robee’s Falafel offers a blend of traditional family recipe with a modern twist. They offer a selection of wraps, including their Chicken Shawarma which features their mouthwatering slow-roasted marinated chicken and famous tahini sauce. Robee's offers the finest fresh ingredients sure to delight your taste buds and keep you coming back.

Website:  robeesfalafel.com 
Connect: Robee's Falafel on Facebook


ShowroomWhere are people getting those cool Sharks, Giants and San Jo shirts?  Right here at the Market! The Showroom is a San Jose lifestyle store for admirers, connoisseurs, and lovers of graphic t-shirts and apparel along with personal accessories. Featuring tees from local brands and artists and unique accessories (e.g., wooden watches, hats, wooden sunglasses, iPhone cases, bamboo bikes, etc.) that expresses your lifestyle. Set up like a bar, The Showroom invite you to visit, take a seat, get involved in conversation, and take home a tee. The Showroom is a concept store brought to you by one of our favorites The Usuals, the popular award-winning boutique based in San Jose.

Connect: Showroom San Jose on Facebook

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Market Beer Co. Now Open!

describe the imageSan Pedro Square Market Vendor Spotlight: Feelin' thirsty? Check out the newly opened Market Brew Co.

With more than 200 craft beers, the Market Beer Co. is the newest addition to the San Pedro Square Market.  The brews come in 22-oz. bottles, otherwise known as bombers, and shortly many will be available on tap.  Stop by and grab a beer with Jake and the rest of his knowledgable staff. 

Connect: Facebook /MarketBeerCo




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Poppy Farm Plant Sale April 27th, 2013

Poppy Farm Logo San pedro square marketSan Pedro Square Market Special Event: Join Native Revival Nursery and their sister shop, The Poppy Farm, on April 27th, 2013 from 10am - 3pm for a plant sale!

Beautiful natives will be in bloom, experts on hand to give you advice on your garden, and beautiful & unique gifts will be available in the garden boutique...including: jewelry, scarves, glazed pots, books and more!

Check it out and bring a friend to the Poppy Farm, located at the San Pedro Square Market in Downtown San Jose.



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San Jose Restaurants: Sama Zama is Coming!

San Pedro Square Market is about to add another great restraurant. We’ve told you a little bit about Shawn Mckenna’s fresh and innovative concept, but now we are happy to say that Sama- Zama will be joining us at the Market! The lunch service will focus on healthy salads, soups and sandwiches on fresh-baked bread. Soups are his specialty, so you know those will be delicious! The best part is that the basic stocks will be made ahead of time, but all of the vegetables and proteins will be cooked to order. Isn’t that how it should be? And here it will be! For dinner, Shawn will utilize the techinques he has honed in 12+ years of cooking professionally to produce an ever-changing array of tapas-style small plates. Take a look at this video Shawn has put together to give you a better idea of what he has in store for us.

Sama-Zama will begin construction shortly. It will be located in the El Dorado Building across from Pizza Bocca Lupo. 

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The Lusardi Building is Now Open 7 Days a week

Lusardi resized 600

The Lusardi Building at San Pedro Square Market is now open 7 days a week! It is home to some great new places to eat and shop in downtown San Jose.

The Lusardi building is home to Veggie Box, Blush Raw Bar and Lounge, Ay Dio Mio, and Showroom. Coming soon to San Pedro Square Market  will be Treatbot, The Little Cheese Shop and Pho-Nomenal.

San Pedro Square Market has something for everyone.If you want to listen to live music and dine on all different kinds of delicious food, this is the place for you.

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Last-minute Valentines Day Ideas

Lets step out of the box for a minute. Let’s not do the normal candy, roses, balloons thing. Lets get creative, personal and most importantly as easy as we can this year! The best ideas and gifts are the ones you make yourself and sometime tend to even be the cheapest ones to give!


10 Simple and Great Ideas:


1. An incredibly nice and thoughtful gesture is to write a letter or a poem. You don’t have to be a poet either! Just write down how you feel about the person, how important they are to you. I bet this is way better than a box a chocolates (or at least a close second).

2. Along the lines of a letter is filling a jar with little love notes.

3. Suggest cooking a meal together! Could be a favorite food for both or a new one you can explore together. 

4.Walk around a favorite part of town, stopping at a nice local bar for a glass of wine and appetizers. (Perhaps Vino Vino!)

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5. Plan a scavenger hunt sending your valentine all around town while you get dinner ready! This might take some time, but your valentine will appreciate the time you put into this idea.

6. Buy them 1 of their favorite flower. Doesn’t need to be an entire bouquet, the important part is to remember which is their favorite.

7. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs that remind you of that person. Include why you picked those tracks.

8. Pack a lunch and go to the park for a picnic! Lets take it back to our childhood and go swing on the swings.

9. Let the person know you are thinking about them, send email, text, voicemails, and even a letter in the snail mail! Your valentine will know how much you are thinking about them and care.

10. Take your Valentine to San Pedro Square Market! Enjoy good music, food, drinks, and simply enjoy the company of one another.


Here is a rundown of the special offers the Market Tenants will be offering tomorrow night:

Vino Vino is offering 25% off wine pours for ladies
Pizza Bocca Lupo is offering 15% off all desserts
Little Chef Counter is offering a 3-course prix fixe: House Salad, Pan-roasted Salmon, and White Chocolate Bread Pudding for $24/person from 5pm-close.




Bad Ideas: Don’t forget! As much as your valentine might say they really don’t care what you do if anything at all, which might be true, still take the time to let that person verbally know how important you are to them. Valentines day or not, this is not a bad idea. Also, don’t do something that you know your valentine doesn’t care for. Try to be considerate even with the minor details. There might be a Sharks game on that night, or a new Glee on, but lets try to think of the other person for a change guys!

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Vino Vino now open in the San Pedro Square Market

san jose wine bar, wine bars in san joseVino Vino wine bar is officially open for business in the San Pedro Square Market. Owners Victor Klee and Gary Arakaki were one of the first tenants involved in the project. The wine bar is located on the North end of San Pedro Street and boasts an amazing 13 bottle wines tap system. Yes that's correct they have wine on tap. The tap system is amazing to look at but it is also a green product. The tap system cuts back on corks, bottles, labels, foil, boxes, the list goes on and on. Another great feature of the system is the ability to carry more unique wines that cannot be found at many other wines bars because the system increases the life of the wine without sacrificing on the quality. So for all you wine buffs out there that means more wine flights more often.

san jose restaurant, downtown san jose restauranst resized 600

There menu is great too. I went there for lunch today and ordered the smoked salmon crostini plate and a brie, prosciutto, & fig spread sandwich, all i can say is WOW! If that's not your style, I saw other people eating the grilled cheese sandwich that has crimini mushrooms and truffles, and a seared ahi tuna salad. As i was eating my lunch I asked Gary and Victor what made them decide to open the wine bar and they simply said..."We couldn't find anything that catered to us, so we went out and started our own bar". I must say its been a hit so far. People are raving about it. In fact its more than just a wine bar, its an experience. I went to lunch not knowing much about wine, other than I like it. But when I left I knew why they decided on the wine taps vs traditional bottles, where the wines are coming from, and they their food products are local and sustainable which is important to me and I'm sure many others.

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Crewners Barbershop Opens in the San Pedro Square Market

crewners barborshop in san jose, san pedro square market, san jose events, downtown san jose resized 600

Today is a great day at the San Pedro Square Market. Our newest vendor, Dan Dixon of Crewners Barbershop, has opened for business. Crewners is an upscale barbershop, providing fashionable and stylish haircuts and the highest quality full barbershop services. Vintage decor blended with modern equipment creates an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and invites customers to relax, refresh and reminisce.

Dan found his barber chair in Las Vegas, Nevada and took it to be refurbished by the boys at American Restoration. Dan is just another example of the entrepreneurial spirit that in Silicon Valley. Dan is an asset to the project and an amazing person. We are so happy to welcome Crewners Barber shop to the San Pedro Square Market family.

san jose events, crewners barbor shop, san pedro square market                            san jose restaurant, san jose events, downtown san jose


Before the restoration


san pedro square market, san jose restaurant, san jose events

The Finished Product 

Location & Hours

San Pedro Square Market | 87 North San Pedro Street #107 | San Jose, California 95110 | Phone: 408.663.1813 |


Sunday              Closed
Monday              Closed
Tuesday             10am - 6pm
Wednesday         10am - 5pm
Thursday            10am - 6pm
Friday                 10am - 8pm 
Saturday             8am - 5pm


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San Pedro Squre Market- Tenant Update

As we mentioned in our last blog post we are beginning to highlight our market tenants. This weeks blog post will be on Crewners Barber Shop. Crewners  will be an old-school barbershop with all of the current amenities. The barber shop is the brainchild of Dan Dixon. Dan is a skilled technician who's also blessed with the gift of gab. Here is a little about Crewners:





Crewners will be an upscale barbershop, providing fashionable and stylish haircuts and the highest quality full barbershop services. Vintage decor blended with modern equipment will create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and invites customers to relax, refresh and reminisce. The chair you see below was found on craiglsist. Once Dan saw the chair, he knew it had to be restored so it could become the centerpiece of his store.

the chair, crewners barbor in san jose, the san pedro square amrket barbor shop resized 600

The Chair before

san pedro square market, crewners barbor shop, new tenants in the san pedro square marketThe Chair after its rehab

Crewners is sure to be one of the most memorable tenants in the project. We will keep you informed on all of their progress.Here are a few shots of the construction so far...



crewners in the san pedro square market



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Just a reminder space is filling up fast. Find out how to become a tenant right here:


Next Blog Post:

Nine.Ten.Eleven event...



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